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1 One Finger on the Button? Are We Crazy?
2 Whither Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness? Ivars Vilums
3 An open letter to Attorney General Lynch in re Clinton's email affair guomashi
4 Radical Islam- A Mental Health Problem Without A Cure? Russell S.Wyllie
5 The John Birch Society: Then and Now John Titus
6 Can National Security be affected by a scientific Experiment? Otto E. Rossler
7 The Life Expectancies of our Kids and Our Fossil Fuels William F. Pickard
8 Energy Famine: A Short Rant for Presidential Wannabes William F. Pickard
9 THE CIA AND AMERICA’S PRESIDENTS Some rarely discussed truths shaping contemporary American democracy JOHN W CHUCKMAN
11 A Movie Studio? How About the National Grid?
12 Outsourcing Torture Gregory Heires
13 Businesses, 3rd Party Spies & Departmental Services Which Sell Lives Down The Line Russell S.Wyllie
14 No Safe Haven for Obstructionists Walter Brasch
15 INTELLIGENCE SURVEILLANCE, or, INTELLIGENT SHARING; The Edge, or, Illusion for Who? David E.H. Smith
16 NSA Spying, Secrecy, and the Totalitarian Threat Dr. Glen T. Martin
17 NSA William E. Jackson Jr.
18 The THREAT ASSESSMENT; CSIS, et al,re; TPP, C-CIT. CETA, NAFTA, et al. David E.H. Smith
19 Air travel Walter Hecht
20 Is Edward Snowden a Modern Day Joan of Arc? Bock Oliver
21 Why Obama Must Snoop on Friendly Governments Richard Kane
22 Terrorists Plotting Psychological Warfare Against the U.S. michael payne
23 Did Hollywood predict 9/11? CD Sutton II
24 Warning: This column may be bugged Robert J Gaydos
25 Send in the drones. Robert Sommers
26 Seizing AP phone records was an abuse of power Robert J Gaydos
27 Is Boston Marathon Bombing A Repeat Of 9/11? Mainiac
28 Looming On America’s Horizon; A Societal Eruption, A Police State – Or Both? michael payne
29 The Junkie in the Closet Beth Carter
30 ECHELON- vital to America's security or an invasion of privacy? Robert Morton
31 Proportional Defense Fee Bruce Gruber
32 Big Brother, Kill Lists, and Secrecy: What to Expect from Obama's Second Term Russ Baker, WhoWhatWhy
33 The Obama administration, and the institutionalizing of the War on Terrorism Matt Ehling
34 America's Indefensible Defense Budget Thomas Magstadt
35 That’s No Harvest Moon in the Sky, Honey Rise Up Times
36 Wake Up America (NDAA) Maia Newley

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