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writing for godot


Written by Philip Kraske   
Friday, 26 January 2018 20:28

Lately I've noted that my website's numbers, 
Have taken a dive to levels true humblers: 
The harrowing decline is 40 percent, 
And though my numbers don't quite pay the rent, 
My five weekly hits have now fallen to three, 
So two weekly folks get no fruit from my tree. 

I dismissed the chance that my fruit had gone rot, 
Less-ardent fan raves the problem is not, 
So I looked at networks like Goog' and Facebook, 
And out my webpage I discovered they'd took, 
Without a warning as courtesy might deem, 
Just, "You're ketchup crud now, champ, ain't that a scream?" 

So I called up Mark Z and asked him "What gives?" 
And he said my page leaks false news like three sieves, 
He said "What's all this hate about wars that we're winning, 
And nonsense 9-11 that you've been spinning? 
I'll grant you Don Trump ain't the greatest we've had, 
But check out that tax cut and tell me he's bad." 

I told Mark that I could catch his drift clearer, 
If to his fortune my own were now nearer, 
But more to the point I replied that fake news 
Tended to be what big news corps called snooze: 
"Ain't nothin' left here, folks, it's all been seen, 
And pay no attention to that man behind screen." 

Mark said, "Exactly! It's screen stuff we cut, 
Making news smooth without ifs, ands or but. 
We've got algorhyth's to match every fact, 
So folks needn't argue about how events tracked. 
If CNN knights put it not on their show, 
Then it didn't happen; it's fully no-go." 

I replied CNN didn't all news report, 
And he just stared, shocked, and gave this retort: 
"What are you saying, they don't give all the news? 
Tell me just one time there have been other views!" 
So I gave ten examples and he went imperious: 
"Websites like yours, Phil, can't be called serious." 

Now from search engines my page you can't reach, 
As Facebook continues its campaign "counterspeech,"
Mark says my prob' is with the program I'm not, 
To which I shot back that in hell I'd first rot. 
Still, before I go there I'd like to replace 
My two lost readers, if just to save face. your social media marketing partner

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